Wu Yi: A Snap of Life

A Snap of Life is a new solo show for the Chinese artist Wu Yi, which features 53 oil paintings of the artist from 6 different series were exhibited: Military Life (2005), Legation Quarter Hotel (2006), Beijing Winter (2008), Prague (2013-2014), Aschaffenburg, Germany (2017), and Dunhuang (1998-2019). These 6 series use oil paintings, showing Wu’s decades of artistic practice. When traveling from the East to the West, he combined Chinese and Western painting techniques and used oil and ink painting media.

The artist is a “painter’s painter”, his heart, hands and eyes are in harmony. He painted a unique line for contemporary ink painting, but he also discovered a unique oil painting style. He looks at tradition from an ancient perspective, but he depicts scenes in realistic proportions.

Most of the artist’s oil paintings are related to his travels. These paintings are combined with the stream of consciousness diary, recording tiny details, recording what he saw and felt during the journey. Due to travel restrictions, he only used small paintings. As the artist said, his small paintings have two key characteristics. First, his small paintings capture the greatest atmosphere in a small space. Secondly, he uses a group of many small paintings to express the intention of the big painting.




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