Wang Yuyang: The Moon Landing Project

The Moon Landing Project is a new series of works by Chinese artist Wang Yuyang, bridging the gap between scientific inquiry and mysterious conspiracy.Affected by a series of images taken by American artist Michael Light, the photographer visually recorded the journey to and from the moon, which was breathtaking.Wang is full of joy, bringing navigation into a more perceptual sense, conveying the excitement, loss and awe that astronauts feel when they are shot into space.Through the black and white filter painting, Wang Yuyang cannot fully realize the colors he uses when realizing his paintings, so he adds a sense of mystery and mythology to the relationship between the subject that has been overcharged (such as the moon) and whereOf the universe.

In addition to the emotional mysticism of the moon, the artist also talked about the conspiracy of the moon landing.In 2009, ” The Moon Landing Program 4″ showed a double-panel video work wrapped in metal, which replicated the imaginary video projected from inside the spacecraft.Wang easily resolved various rumors about the landing of the moon. This is a simulation of DreamWorks Studio, refreshing people’s interest in the moon’s landing behavior and combining it with the necessity of technology.




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