Waiting for the Order, 2019 by Angelo Troilo

Courtesy by the artist – Angelo Troilo; Waiting for the Order, 2019; oil on canvas; 35 7/16 × 30 11/16 in. (90 × 78 cm.)


Description of the artwork:

We still live in a historical moment where being there creates the event that will give man victory, he will in fact become sentinel of the conquered. An astronaut but also a diver, someone who is not afraid to venture there where only thought can arrive, there is no limit to what can be conquered as a self-generating space when we conceive it in our dimension. The identity of being there is all too subdued by a cold being that colds everything that comes into contact with it. There is no possibility of losing what is conquered if not by the hand of a high being there to conquer. A painting that can give the viewer the fifth dimension. I want to look for that freshness in the contemporary, now revealing a near future or perhaps a past we have forgotten.

About Angelo Troilo:

Angelo Troilo was born in 1996 in Padua. Lives and works in Arquà Petrarca (IT). He attended an art institute where he was inspired by graffiti with Basquiat and Banksy. He is co-founder of the artistic group ” Next artist ”, and has organized three collective exhibitions in the years 2017-2018-2019. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and later moved to the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna where he is still attending. He recently participated in an exhibition at Iseo (IT) and at the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Montrouge (FR), an exhibition that will tour Europe, at the Biennal of MArteLive in Rome (IT) and at the virtual art exhibition in Toronto (CA)


The undisputed master of the modernist colouring through pastel colours by the space travel objective, when instantly beguiled by the colour and light,

To the landscape of pastel colouring for becoming as acclaimed on its artwork while the canvases bustle with life and movement of colouring, heady intimacy to the selective pastel colours,

Orienting quality of a dream in the pastel colouring space is the deep indigo of advancing moment and the television has the eyes of narrative sense in the stance of deep contemplation,

Background of marine life naturally mobes with the flow of water, at the same time, suggests obtainable pleasure, adore the nonchalance of its pose, the robust attitude expressed by the laziness smile and the beauty of swimming.


Artwork Details:


Artist: Angelo Troilo

Title: Waiting for the Order, 2019

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 35 7/16 × 30 11/16 in. (90 × 78 cm.)


Selected Music:










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