Ugo Rondinone: Nuns + Monks

Nuns + Monks is a solo exhibition by the New York-based, Swiss-born mixed-media artist Ugo Rondinone, which showcases the sculptures of nuns and monks express this dialectic in turn from the inside and the outside. From opening to the world, to the inner self. These sculptures have introspective eyesight and an external sense of nature, combined with natural elements.

Stones are recurring materials and symbols in art. They are the theme of stone statues, the artist started with the monumental humanity installation in Rockefeller Plaza in 2013, and then the seven magic mountains in the Nevada Desert in 2016. Both of these groups study and enjoy the beauty and contemplation of objects that take natural stone as the object, and then generate a personal contemplation state, thus breaking the boundary between the external world and the internal visualization space. In doing so, whether it is understood as a physical phenomenon or a metaphysical phenomenon, he sculpts according to the meaning and feeling of sculpture.

The nuns and monks will continue to resolve the double reflection between the inner self and the natural world. As seen by the outside world and inseparable from their internal structure, nuns + monks allow this level of ideas to enter and leave the focus, prompting the viewer to indulge in the pure sensory experience of colour, form and quality, and at the same time bring nobleness modern.




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