Tsang Chui-mei: Day or Night

Day or Night is a presentation of new works by established Hong Kong painter Tsang Chui-mei, which the artist continues to combine traditional Chinese painting principles with more Western expressionist techniques to achieve her unique semi-abstract style.

The exploration of time and space in her works has already been reflected in the exhibition title. This is an ancient Chinese expression rooted in Confucian philosophy, implying the forgetting of the passage of time. For the artist, this applies to the interpretation of time in her works. They are created within a specific time frame, and their lifespan has not yet been determined, but it also constitutes an invitation to the audience to make them forget the time limit and let their Imagination gallops freely.

The invitation to explore also extends to the meandering space in her paintings. The plane and multiple perspectives draw inspiration directly from the Chinese painting tradition, adding an extra meditative element to the work. She forgets our dimensions from observation, through the depiction of the chaotic imagination of time and space, and makes our thoughts drift away.




Published by hahahacheong

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