Tomoharu Murakami

The solo exhibition of Tomoharu Murakami is display 6 works collected by the gallery.

The artist has been committed to the creation of “black painting” since the 1960s. His works have evolved from the practice of Japanese painting and non-formal art, and are independent of the contemporary Japanese art world with a deep sense of existence and tranquility.

Murakami was attracted by the world of ink painting (black ink painting) and entered the Japanese painting course at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. His early pursuit of monochromatic expression was characterized by the innovative form of mixing Japanese pigments with black oil paints; he was widely acclaimed at the Guggenheim International Award Exhibition in 1964. It was after this trip to New York that he began to experiment with abstract expressionism. He developed the iconic “black painting” practice, using a palette knife to paint layers of black paint on the canvas and complete the work according to his personal vision. This is an attempt to capture the essence of the flow of time through his painting work.




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