The Spaces Between the Words Are Almost Infinite

The Spaces Between the Words Are Almost Infinite is a group exhibition by Ivy Ma, Sin-Ting Ho, and Mei-To Man, which showcases fear, anxiety, confusion-everyday emotions aroused in the current situation brought together three artists to participate in their first joint exhibition. These artists displayed new works in the form of drawings, sculptures, videos, etc. These works were inspired by borrowed and scattered materials from various film sources. These works abstractly and poetically convey the emotions of fear and pain.

These grants reconstructed the film classic with a new look and meaning. Ivy Ma amplifies the emotions and images of classic movies in the “Nosferatu, New Women and Vertigo” painting series. The selected scene is enlarged, copied and decomposed, and the surface is carved with notches and gold leaf. “Five stars” are five folded five-pointed stars made of gold, similar to the existence of a national flag. The golden stars are inlaid on the walls of the gallery, full of movement, but completely silent. “Dune” is a collection of two images extracted from existing images of government officials in a formal setting. Ivy MA crops the image and immerses the image in dark tones, allowing viewers to interpret news images from another angle.



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