The Hong Kong Art Basel Edition Offers Another Possibility to Appreciate the Arts

Right image: Art Basel Hong Kong’s 2019 edition; Chiharu Shiota – Where Are We Going?;
鹽田千春 – 我們要去哪裡?

Left Image: Art Basel Hong Kong’s 2019 edition; Kim Chong Hak – The Flower Make Me Happy

Art Basel, an internationally renowned art exhibition organizer that is held in Hong Kong every year, announced in November last year that it would hold another art exhibition from March 19th to 21st this year. However, due to the new coronavirus outbreak, it was announced to cancel it earlier. Although the physical exhibition was cancelled, Art Basel proposed a contemporary plan for all exhibitors, new collectors, and buyers an additional platform to present their artworks through Art Basel’s global network of patrons.

Art Basel announced that it will launch an Online Viewing Rooms, therefore, the global exhibitors can still present their artworks through the online platform, and the public can visit Art Basel’s official website or mobile app to visit and purchase their favourite products through the platform. This new kind of online exhibition space can bring people from all over the world one more possibility to appreciate art. The first iteration of the Online Viewing Rooms will launch in March 2020, providing exhibitors the opportunity to present works they planned to show at Art Basel Hong Kong, which will be live from March 20 to March 25, 2020, with VIP preview days from March 18 to March 20, 2020.

In the content of the statement, Marc Spiegler, Global Director, Art Basel said: ‘As the art market continues to evolve, Art Basel has continually investigated how new technologies can give us new opportunities to support our galleries. The Online Viewing Rooms will provide galleries with a further possibility for engaging with our global audiences, complementing the essential personal interactions that continue to underlie the art market.’

‘We are delighted to be able to premiere this new initiative now. While the Online Viewing Rooms cannot replace our 2020 fair in Hong Kong, we firmly hope that it will provide a strong support to all the galleries who were affected by the cancellation of our March show.’ continues said by Adeline Ooi, Director Asia, Art Basel.

The Online Viewing Rooms will be available via the Art Basel website under and the Art Basel App. More details on participating galleries and their presentations will become available in the coming weeks.

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