Takis is an exhibition of works by the late Greek artist Takis, which is the sculptures painted during the thirty years from the late 1960s to the 1990s show the artist’s unremitting exploration of art and science. Takis opened up a new field of aesthetics, incorporating intangible forms of energy such as electromagnetic waves, sound waves, or light waves into the fourth dimension of his works.

The exhibition begins with “Vibrating Vertical Line ECG – V.Si.245 (1966)”, which is a multi-artwork of oscillating wire movement driven by a miniature electromagnet, which demonstrates the artist’s desire to transcend the traditional art form while revealing Its uniqueness. The charm of science. Takis has dabbled in various remaining elements since the 1950s, which shows that Takis often dabbled in army surplus stores, where he discovered a treasure trove of discarded technologies that could be integrated into his artwork.

The exhibition also displays the work of Takis’ antenna-shaped “Signals”, which was continuously produced from the 1960s to the 1990s. These slender, totem-like sculptures, inspired by radar and radio devices, vibrate or vibrate with any movement in the exhibition space. Several of them flashed with colorful lights, spreading his energy in the form of light, and received general attention from current popular and pop art.



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