Takesada Matsutani

Takesada Matsutani is a unique visual language of form and materials developed by the Osaka-born, Paris-based artist Takesada Matsutani, which showcases some works on paper. The artist lived in Paris in the 1970s with limited resources and was forced to rethink the basic tools of artistic creation. Cheap graphite and paper materials enabled artists to discover the basic and direct techniques of black and white painting. He has been exploring the possible surface accumulation through repeated brushstrokes, he has been insisting on this approach for the past 40 years. As the deep black began to gradually form, the whole process became almost like a diary, with every brushstroke deepening, and the deepening tone represented the passage of time. The entire drawing provides an impressive summary of his practice. One is the persistence of the pencil; the other is the persistence of the pencil. In another case, the airflow is evaporating. His Zen style and contemplative repetition of these simple materials allowed him to consider their connection to his Japanese tradition.

In the last room of the exhibition, there is a set of combinations that are made from a variety of materials, and various objects have been discovered, including vinyl glue, plastic, graphite pencil, wood and cardboard, evoking the concept of pornography or surrealism. These interesting works sparked the research on the form of soft and hard materials. Hard rubber offsets the softness of vinyl rubber, but its absorption capacity allows the organic shape to be revealed and balance.



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