Beauty in breaking

The Beauty in Breaking is a fascinating, heartbreaking, sometimes difficult, and always encouraging story, which is a poignant and true story of Harper’s path to self-healing. Every patient written byContinue reading “Beauty in breaking”

Yu Kawashima: Ré-former

Ré-former is the first solo exhibition of Japanese artist Yu Kawashima in Hong Kong, which showcases monochromatic paintings meticulously drawn with mineral pigments and ink, including a new series createdContinue reading “Yu Kawashima: Ré-former”

The Art of Happiness: Bringing About Change

In the chapter of The Art of Happiness, Bringing About Change, Dalai Lama discussed with us the possibility of achieving happiness by eliminating our behavior and mentality. In general, howContinue reading “The Art of Happiness: Bringing About Change”

Flying Joyful Bird

Flying Joyful Bird is a series of painting by a Hong Kong artists, every work is from the bible verse, which expresses the bird that used to be are justContinue reading “Flying Joyful Bird”