Happy Chinese New Year

Rì Galerie 日空間 wishes you and your family a happy and prosperous year of the OX. May wealth come pouring in, Kung Hei Fat Choi ・・・OX 63, 2017Daniel BriceOil andContinue reading “Happy Chinese New Year”

David Byrne: How Music Works

How Music Works is a non-fiction book by musician and composer David Byrne. He discussed the form and influence of music in a non-linear narrative way, using various experiences inContinue reading “David Byrne: How Music Works”

Go Figure

Go Figure is a group exhibition curated by New York-based artist Todd James featuring new works by March Avery, Heather Benjamin, Sean Cavanaugh, Timothy Curtis, Daze, Jesse Edwards, Malie Huffman,Continue reading “Go Figure”

Now Showing

Now Showing is a group show by eleven Hong Kong artists that is related to the seventh art form cinema defined by the Italian film theorist Ricciotto Canudo in theContinue reading “Now Showing”