Rites of Passages

Rites of Passage is a group exhibition, after seemingly in an intermediate state for more than a year, Rites of Passage explored the concept of liminal space. An international artistContinue reading “Rites of Passages”

The Art of Loving

“To lover somebody is not just a strong feeling – it is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there wouldContinue reading “The Art of Loving”

Damien Hirst: Relics and Fly Painting

Relics and Fly Paintings is a solo exhibition by the English artist Damien Hirst. In this new iteration, the artist covered the interior of the gallery with a black butterflyContinue reading “Damien Hirst: Relics and Fly Painting”

Play and Loop III

Play and Loop III is the third summer video screening, which presents four scenes, each for a period of two weeks. Each scene will show four works, and the exhibitionContinue reading “Play and Loop III”

Brian Robertson: Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends is a solo exhibition by the American artist Brian Robertson, which is his Asia debut exhibition. The exhibition is a contemplative observation of social isolation last year, whenContinue reading “Brian Robertson: Imaginary Friends”