The Art of Hope

The Art of Hope is a new exhibition dedicated to the Second School of Paris, which showcases a group of artists who became active in Europe after the Second WorldContinue reading “The Art of Hope”

Luke Ching: Glitch in the Matrix

Glitch in the Matrix is a solo exhibition by Hong Kong-based artist Luke Ching Chin Wai, which features newly commissioned works and re-enactments and adaptations of Ching’s earlier works. AsContinue reading “Luke Ching: Glitch in the Matrix”

Vvzela Kook: Confidential Records

Confidential Records is a solo exhibition of Vvzela Kook, which shows three parts of Kook’s science fiction series. The series is derived from Kook’s extensive research on the Kowloon WalledContinue reading “Vvzela Kook: Confidential Records”

Simon Birch: Strange Time

Strange Times is a solo exhibition of the famous artist Simon Birch, whose ever-changing oil paintings and drawings give the gallery a new look. The exhibition reviews Simon Birch’s 20-yearContinue reading “Simon Birch: Strange Time”

Low Fever

Low Fever is the first group exhibition of female artists born in 1990s, which display more than 20 works by six artists: Chen Ruofan, Etsu Egami, Kaito Itsuki, Wang Xuebing,Continue reading “Low Fever”