Patricia Waller: Guten Appetit!

“To be honest, I don’t know even how to knit a pair of socks.” So what is she knitting? Humanity, she said. With different varieties of “humanities” – Patricia WallerContinue reading “Patricia Waller: Guten Appetit!”

Chan Wai-lap: The Lonesome Changing Room

The Lonesome Changing Room (寂寞更衣室) is the solo exhibition by the Hong Kong local artist Chan Wai-lap, which is the artist’s response to the swimming pool that was closed duringContinue reading “Chan Wai-lap: The Lonesome Changing Room”


Curtain is considered to be a kind of framework that can disrupt our customary visual and cultural consumption habits, activating our senses by crawling, lifting, peeping, being guided by smellsContinue reading “Curtain”

Donald Moffett: Nature Cult

Nature Cult is the first solo exhibition of American artist Donald Moffett, which highlights his recent works characterized by provocative minimalism, glossy surfaces and uncanny forms exploring subjects on nature,Continue reading “Donald Moffett: Nature Cult”

James Welling: Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is the first solo exhibition in Greater China by the American photographer James Welling, which provides an overview of Welling’s forty-year career in photography, with key series from theContinue reading “James Welling: Metamorphosis”