Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow 1937-42 by Piet Mondrian

March 7 is the birthday of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, the Dutch painter and theoretician Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan (1872 -1944), the creation and life ofContinue reading “Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow 1937-42 by Piet Mondrian”

Untitled by Kathleen Mercado

・・・Kathleen’s figurative artworks are exceptional, the uniqueness of its anatomy so that from the senses of the artwork reminds to life with the ability to express the in-depth soul intoContinue reading “Untitled by Kathleen Mercado”

Untitled by Albert Oehlen

“Untitled (Bedroom), 2005” is a rare installation work by the renowned German artist – Albert Oehlen, which reproduces the artist’s bedroom in Cologne’s residence—yellow wallpaper, carpets, bed and a pottedContinue reading “Untitled by Albert Oehlen”

Chuck Close [Part 1]

“Chuck Close [Part 1]” is the first exhibition of the renowned representative figures of American realism artist – Chuck Close as well as a gallery collaborative exhibition. Throughout the artist’sContinue reading “Chuck Close [Part 1]”

Accidents [Part 2]

“Accidents [Part 2]” is a group exhibition featuring artwork by 3 artists: Leonardo Drew, Antony Micallef and Dale Frank, which examines the margins of meaning or 意 and investigates theContinue reading “Accidents [Part 2]”