Elena Gual: Aura

Aura is a solo exhibition of paintings by contemporary Spanish artist Elena Gual. Her work combines concrete and emotion, female life and universal emotion, and the distinctive modern style rootedContinue reading “Elena Gual: Aura”

Poetic Heritage

Poetic Heritage is an exhibition which explores the critical and creative relationship between heritage and contemporary art through the works of 6 artists/artist groups from Hong Kong and other regions.Continue reading “Poetic Heritage”

Tursic & Mille: Strange Days

Strange Days is the first solo exhibition by Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille, which features 12 paintings and two sculptures, each representing a month in the past twelve months. AsContinue reading “Tursic & Mille: Strange Days”

Knox Martin: Homage to Goya

Homage to Goya is a selection of the American painter, sculptor and muralist Knox Martin’s series of works, titled Caprichos, which the artist has been developing for decades. These worksContinue reading “Knox Martin: Homage to Goya”

Daniel Gibson: Ocotillo Song

Ocotillo Song is a solo exhibition of new paintings by the Postwar & Contemporary artist Daniel Gibson, appends the vocabulary of landscape painting, descriptions of family history, art history elegyContinue reading “Daniel Gibson: Ocotillo Song”