Angelo Troilo: Print From Space

Store:ì Galerie During the long months of the lockdown, many citizens found that their city was empty and turned into a place of eerie unfamiliarity. On the contrary, this experienceContinue reading “Angelo Troilo: Print From Space”

Eddie Botha: Once Upon A Time – Interaction

Repost: 丨 丨 Engaged with traditions of storytelling, to display range from the artworks to contemporary media broadcasting art, demonstrating how our enduring demand for stories and has alwaysContinue reading “Eddie Botha: Once Upon A Time – Interaction”

Juri Markkula: Interaction

Interaction is the beauty of nature carefully crafted by the Finnish artist Juri Markkula. It is a celebration of the integration of the digital world and the physical world. ItContinue reading “Juri Markkula: Interaction”


Our upcoming Online Exhibition is about stories of Interaction to address issues such as truth, memory, loss of innocence and awakening of humanity, etc.⠀生活會是一個又一個什麼樣的劇本?又會怎樣去改變我們生命的單純?心中的黃昏又會永遠像初春的清晨嗎?⠀我們即將舉行的線上展覽,與你一起從每一個關於互動的故事裡,去探索這些問題。⠀Please stay tuned, safe and healthy.⠀with You,Continue reading “Interaction”

Grace Weaver: Steps

Steps is a body of new paintings in Tribeca and a selection of the artist’s drawings in the Lower East Side, New York, USA by the American artist Grace Weaver,Continue reading “Grace Weaver: Steps”