Second Skin

Second Skin is a collective performance composed of 6 artists from Hong Kong, studying the complexity inherent in the wardrobe of our own choice and the broader background of today’sContinue reading “Second Skin”

Jack Whitten

American abstractist Jack Whitten’s first solo exhibition in Asia. Whitten’s work is known for his innovative craftsmanship of painting the surface of the canvas and changing its material terrain. ItContinue reading “Jack Whitten”

Ken Currie: Interregnum

Interregnum is the first solo exhibition by the Glasgow-based artist Ken Currie, which describes the unprecedented limbo caused by the global pandemic. The title of the exhibition is taken fromContinue reading “Ken Currie: Interregnum”

Money Honey?

As the saying goes, “Money is not brought with birth or not with death.” But alive, we cannot live without it. Some people hate it, saying that money is easyContinue reading “Money Honey?”

Andrew Luk & Samuel Swope: Ready\Set\Fulfill

Ready\Set\Fulfill is a special collaboration project between the gallery’s representative artist Andrew Luk and Samuel Swope. The exhibition includes new works of art, including sculptures and multimedia installations, which togetherContinue reading “Andrew Luk & Samuel Swope: Ready\Set\Fulfill”