Simon Yung and Kenny Mak : Sense of Identity

Sense of Identity is a collaborative exhibition by two artist Simon Yung and Kenny Mak, through art interpretation of their understanding of identity, as well as self-understanding may be a problem that never stops.

Yung explored the continuity between past, present and future through landscape painting.On the contrary, Mr. Mai was deeply influenced by Western artistic methods.He not only adopted an innovative artistic style, but also inherited the philosophical tradition of Chinese ink painting.He explored the issue of identity perspective through works of art.

Also, especiallyfeatures an unique art piece But I’m on the Guest List, Too! 2012 by Elmgreen & Dragset. This work examines the values and elites established by celebrity culture.The artist’s oversized V.I.P. door is surrounded by bodyguards.It invites viewers to enter, but cannot fully open, thus blurring the boundary between welcome and exclusion.


Image 1 – But I’m on the Guest List, Too! 2012; Mirror polished stainless steel; 120L x 10D x 250H cm






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