Shirley Villavicencio Pizango: Digging a Hole to the Surface

Digging a Hole to the Surface is a solo exhibition by Ghent-based Shirley Villavicencio Pizango consisting of an array of portrait paintings, which showcases the works are portraits, some of the nanny in her studio, and some are based on memory. All these portraits include the fascinating history of Villavicencio, who spent her first eighteen years in the crowded Lima apartment, and lived in the calm and comfortable environment of Ghent for the last ten years. Four years. These paintings draw deep inspiration from her memory of Peru, and where her favorite European artists seem to be inspired, these sources are handled through the eyes of Peruvians in Villavicencio. The nanny looks like Villavicencio or other Peruvians of indigenous descent. Most of the paintings include lush plants and rolling mountains, as well as clean line works, reminiscent of ancient Peruvian designs. Although she often portrays the nanny in a melancholy or thoughtful way, she is full of passion and vitality. She worked quickly, leaving visible inner traces similar to her own multi-layered history. If the narrative of a particular painting is elusive, then Villavicencio’s choice of title which is the most Belgian aspect of her studio’s practice can be eye-catching.




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