Ryan San: Cross Too Over

Cross Too Over is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Ryan San, which deliberately raging in the global epidemic and using a relaxed and ironic technique to discuss the chaos brought by fast-food culture and consumerism, and the blurring of creativity and consumption boundaries. The state of the character’s exhaustion and melting, as if shouting to the viewer, over-consuming the fatigue caused by the character. The artist reconsidered the mix-and-match creation in a humorous form of expression, using excessive mix-and-match as the proposition, humorously challenging the bottom line of the new era of art.




Published by hahahacheong

Rì Galerie 日空間 is a virtual art gallery, aims to discover and explore the infinity and affinity of Contemporary Art that is the nascent intention of the gallery, in the meantime, presenting artwork by largely emerging artists who have not been discovered whose work has been rarely or never exhibited, as well as providing support and encourage them to remain on their creative journey.

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