Rachel de Joode: Soft

Soft is an exhibition of new large-scale abstract paintings by Berlin-based Dutch artist Rachel de Joode, which focus of her practice is described as the space between the physical world and the virtual world, exploring the relationship between three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional representations. Her work encompasses the uninterrupted interaction between surface, meaning and material, destroying the entanglement between these different plateaus, thus restoring simplicity.

De Joode focuses on the interaction between physical and virtual, which is evident in the process she used to produce Sloppy Therapy. Starting from a canvas, the artist deliberately tried to forget everything she knew about the canvas itself but tried to explore the canvas as a simple object to make it substantial. This gives her practice a phenomenological dimension, based on the directness of physics and the distance of philosophy.

The title of the exhibition is Soft, echoing her attention to the interaction between art and digital art and the boundaries between the two. Softness can be seen as a direct suggestion to De Joode’s artistic process, such as the materials she used for her initial three-dimensional exploration – the natural flexibility and ductility of the canvas, paint, resin, foam and clay she created.






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