Poetic Heritage

Poetic Heritage is an exhibition which explores the critical and creative relationship between heritage and contemporary art through the works of 6 artists/artist groups from Hong Kong and other regions. Each artist provides a fruitful perspective on “heritage” to deal with contemporary issues, and at the same time provides insights into various ways of expanding the concept of “heritage” itself. In the process, the exhibition also considered how much power and agency the individual has in deciding to preserve and reimagine the content of our heritage.

The exhibition also reflects the concept of identity, which may be related to the community at best and exclusion at worst. In particular, the expert-driven heritage production process, coupled with a limited concept of heritage, may eventually produce grand narratives that reflect authoritative views and dominant values, while ignoring the rights and voices of indigenous groups, displaced persons, and ethnic minorities. A key question is how can we find ways to go beyond the limitations of current practice and explore the possible future possibilities of heritage creation.

By examining a series of contemporary art forms and artistic practices, “Poetic Heritage” not only clarifies the different connotations of heritage, but also analyzes and explores how contemporary artists embody material, dialogue, emotional and intellectual responses to heritage. Therefore, heritage protection becomes a positive and creative process, which generates related ideas related to the contemporary world and our common future, rather than a passive process of simply preserving the past.





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