Pieter Schoolwerth: Shifted Sims

Shifted Sims is the first solo exhibition at the gallery by the American artist Pieter Schoolwerth. The artist’s mental state depicts the CGI avatar emanating from the digital bubble: Baywatch-y beach, fashion brand showroom, furry carnival. He extracted these scenes from the screenshots of The Sims 4. The Sims 4 is a strategic computer game for Sims. Does it work? Following each incarnation is a pair of estranged silhouettes, whose existence is captured by the “transfer” of the “transferred simulator”. Each composition is skewedly superimposed on the image’s handmade 3D relief sculpture photo. What appears is the shadow field of residue, drawn into the field of view on the inkjet printed canvas, and wrapped in the paint.

The works in “Shifts Sims” question the historical claim of expressionism to transcend internality. Schoolwerth painted eye-catching marks on Sims’ faces to “express the avatar” and humanized these themes through obvious hand-painting techniques, but these subjective perforations of digital networks may temporarily disappear. Expressionism appeared on the canvas next to the perfectly slanted paint ditch, the artist replaced the representative of the oppressed physical infrastructure, which also became a style of many people, weakening its status as a noble painting bulletin. You only have the dark idea that De Kooning’s Woman will be a good Snapchat filter.

This is a close combination of formal practice and fables, which question the viability of painting in the Internet age. In the 2019 monograph – Model as Painting, he described how these “abstract forces” hide labor and infrastructure in the post-capitalist market without capitalism and physical connection. This division drops to a personal scale, against the protagonist of the human penumbra incarnation. The authenticity and representativeness of Western painting traditions are incorporated into the online theme form of Thunderdome.






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