Patrick Bayl: Like a Lion, My Hands and My Feet

Like a Lion, My Hands and My Feet is a solo exhibition by New York-based Patrick Bayly, which including quadruple paintings, each painting has a bright color, which is also purple, yellow, red and green. The main color of one work acts as an accent in another work. For example, violet has a glowing green soap; red has a green neon “Bar” logo, and green has an orange plastic crate. Bailey’s painting immediately became weird and sinister. His neon light palette creates a dramatic atmosphere, which can be further enhanced by gestures, gestures, and juxtaposition. In violet, the two dropped their heads on the checkered bathroom floor. The man in green dug a hole in a hazmat suit, and another man in a drum dug a hole. A woman dressed in yellow stands in front of the curtains watering the carnival scene, holding a watering can. The scene is difficult to interpret, but the emotion is obvious.





Published by hahahacheong

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