Pat Steir: Waterfall Painting on Paper

Waterfall Paintings on Paper is a solo exhibition by the American painter Pat Steir, who has been creating sketches and prints with her paintings for decades, but rarely releases them from his collection.

While studying Chinese landscape paintings seriously, the artist’s affinity for Eastern spirit and philosophical traditions is concentrated in her conception of painting as a form of meditation, which is a conscious sharpening of consciousness that has led to painters and Zen Buddhism. Just as the masters of Chinese landscape painters do not think their images are as representative as Western painters, Steir creates stunning waterfall paintings by throwing or pouring ink, oil and tempera onto canvas and paper. It is as natural as the mountains, trees, rivers, and waterfalls depicted in Asian historical landscape paintings. Like a minimalist, she insists that her work will never be completed. Instead, when the audience stops painting, they will be passed on to the audience for further meditation and in-depth understanding.




Published by hahahacheong

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