Pang Maokun: Flower in the Mirror

Flowers in the Mirror is the latest solo exhibition by Chinese contemporary artist Pang Maokun, which features nearly 20 oil and paper works created from 2013.

The exhibition is titled “Flowers in the Mirror”, mainly because the artist created a series of portraits or portraits that put people in front of the mirror. The artist represented by live broadcasts and wedding witnesses, has long maintained a keen interest in the visual or viewing mechanisms in a painting and the words of power hidden in them. The difference is that these paintings did not draw on the classic works of art history classics to convey his thoughts; Pang placed the characters in specific daily environments. Due to the existence of mirrors, the visual mechanism actually reflects two ways of viewing; the figures and mirrors in the painting constitute the first layer, and the second layer is the artist’s gaze. The gaze is more powerful than mere observation, because it shows the artist’s keen insight and spiritual depth when reflecting on reality. Finally, when the audience faced the finished work, they shared his aesthetic and viewing experience.




Published by hahahacheong

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