Paintings to Painting by Teppei Takeda

Teppei Takeda is a painter whose abstract colouring approach to painting have recently attracted greatly responses from public attention, especially the art world. Takeda still tends to live in a simple and stay away from the spotlight style to this day, the series of Paintings of Painting have been praised in Japan and overseas.

Takeda was born in 1978 in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture. After graduating from Musashino Art University, who worked at Makoto Saito Design Office, led by one of the well-known art directors Makoto Saito. In 2005, Takeda moved back to his hometown Yamagata to set up his atelier studio as well as devoted his time to painting for more over than 10 years since then. This was when he began this series of abstract portraits called “Painting of Painting”. depicting the beauty that only showcases in painting.

The book ‘Paintings to Painting is based on Takeda’s artistic process featuring a special design of the cover that is wrapped in a full-size poster – offering a realistic experience of the painting. A common pursuit of perfectionism brings a respective aesthetics in this book.




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