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Now Showing is a group show by eleven Hong Kong artists that is related to the seventh art form cinema defined by the Italian film theorist Ricciotto Canudo in the early 20th century, which is increasingly closely related to the role of digital media in our lives. Movie entertainment, inspiration, guide us to new possibilities and show the wishes of a generation. They may be painfully sad and sorrowful, reflecting the painful reality and sheer despair, while at other times, it allows us to escape from the fantasy world and relax and enjoy the time. The nature of the media and technological advancement have given the movie a magic of illusion and created the reality that is displayed before our eyes.
The 11 local Hong Kong artists who participated in Now Showing all chose the movies they thought were the most memorable or meaningful to them, as inspiration for custom artwork. Not surprisingly, the wide range of film types covered is related to the growth of artists, their life experiences and the major changes that have taken place in Hong Kong in recent years. Many artists are surprised that their films often capture the essence of certain life moments, and in some cases they can even predict their results-for example, some Hong Kong films shot in the 1980s, such as Long Arm Of the Law (1984) emphasized the cultural conflict between Hong Kong Cantonese speakers and Mainland Chinese Mandarin speakers.













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