Nicola Tyson: Sense of Self

Sense of Self is a solo exhibition of recent paintings by British-born artist Nicola Tyson, which is the idea of a new large-scale painting, and it started before New York was stagnated due to COVID-19. Tyson temporarily abandoned the main body of work during the pandemic, and then resumed work in the summer. As Tyson said: “When the world suddenly stopped and the familiar cultural coordinates fell away — and with it ‘the argument’ — I was unnerved and found it difficult to paint.” Instead, she turned to paint almost every day, the original graphite is made on paper, and the characters in the artist’s depictions often look like ghosts: more than 50 kinds of graphite are placed on Petzel’s online exhibition platform, and a repetitive record of her painting process.

It started from the exploration of the relationship with others but re-focused on the relationship with the self. She has been using self-assessment since the beginning of her career. They are familiar with the field-exploring our imaginary self, my inner strangeness and me. Nevertheless, I am still my “home”. She explained that her self-portraits are always easily recognizable by red hair. “It makes me grow out strange things very strangely.”






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