Monster Chetwynd: Bat Opera Hong Kong

Bat Opera Hong Kong is the first exhibition in Hong Kong of British artist Monster Chetwynd, which studies the important role of bats in humans, economy, and excitement for excellent quality, they have their own echolocation, flight, existence, night pollinators and insectivores, monsters. Hope to beautify these animals and promote them, into a more glorious position. Bats are indispensable in many economies, but they also share several things in common with humans.

The artist interprets them as ecological warriors, who can correct the balance of the world, empower the important participants in the mission of the earth, and all the incredible biodiversity continue to survive. On display are two installations and sixteen paintings called Bat Opera. Part of the work in progress is a series of works that the artist began to create in 2003 while studying for a master’s degree, exploring what is the contradiction between art and the valuable themes in animals’ quality.





Published by hahahacheong

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