Mizuki Nishiyama – Shunga

Shunga is the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong by the New York based Japanese artist Mizuki Nishiyama. The artist’s generous donation of three paintings dedicated to Operation Smile for action in August which provides free, safe and safe and high-quality surgeries for children with cleft conditions in developing countries.

The title of the exhibition directly cites Shunga, a traditional Japanese erotic art form, mainly appearing on ink paintings or woodblock prints during the Edo period (1600-1868). Literally meaning “photo of spring”, despise sex and praise the intimacy of beauty and nature. In the proper conception of Edward W. Said’s post 1978 structuralist novel “Orientalism”, Nishiyama deeply studied the sponsorship of Oriental culture and has now developed into “Orientalism” as a painter of Japanese ancestry, she put the Japanese heritage and modern Orientalism and other subtle concepts such as the axis to eliminate the desire in sexual desire.




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