Matthew Day Jackson: Flowers Windows and Thistles

Flowers, Windows, and Thistles is a presentation by the American artist Matthew Day Jackson, which is a practice related to all aspects of human experience, using invention and discovery as an excuse to commit to destruction and violence. These works combine the custom of still life and landscape with the idiosyncratic use of materials and forms, criticizing these traditions, their place in Western culture and the way they intersect with Western hegemony.

In the first part of the presentation, the artist showed a series of paintings that resemble the windows of the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury spacecraft that first brought the Americans into space. The works capture several myths about heroism and innovation in the 20th century, because these works are reminiscent of abstract expressionism in the gesture application of his paintings. After careful inspection, their surface also showed the topography of the other side of the moon. Like all Western art and culture, colonization and escape from reality are still irrefutable undercurrents.

In all of his writings, process and materiality are conduits of meaning and have always been a recurring theme. The backgrounds of these new floral works are created by casting plastic in a mold that replicates the surface of the other side of the moon, blending the artistic historical genre of landscape and still life painting. First splash the paint and paint into the mold to mix the materials outside the artist’s control. After placement, the colored plastic pieces are carved out to form mosaic-like fragments, which constitute these complex still life works. The use of man-made substances is a meditation on the beauty of nature, rather than a pleasant artificial. Humans have control over nature, and beauty on the surface is a mess.




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