Liang Ban: Pearl Rolling Across the Floor

Pearl Rolling Across the Floor is the third solo exhibition for the Beijing-based contemporary artist Liang Ban, which features a series of new video works as well as sculptures and photographic installations.

The artist believes that in the current era, mobile devices have developed into a kind of “own technology”, which has already controlled its users. In the same way that ships, airplanes, and automobiles influenced architecture in the early 20th century, the artist captured how mobile devices affect modern humans.

Stutter (2020) is visually similar to a computer hit by a virus. It is a work of art depicting a series of smartphones overlapping each other, with the word “fuck” written on the home screen using an application icon. With reference to the frustrating and familiar errors of outdated computer systems, this work equates the lag window with stuttering, and equates stuttering with the self-suppression of speech, which is the result of living in a collectivist society.

The multimedia installation and the exhibition share a title, “Pearls Rolling on the Floor” (2020) is composed of Chinese guardian lions. They either sit on a digital screen or put one leg on the digital screen and lift the floor lightly. Weight In these pages, the solidity of the lion is destroyed by the transparency of its blocks, and the two are related to each other due to the lack of the visual presence of pearls. From an artist’s point of view, pearls represent fragile individuals and at the same time symbolize Hong Kong, which is known as the “Pearl of the Orient”.




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