Lee Ufan: Relatum – Seem, 2009

In the 2021 Art Basel Hong Kong show, Kukje Gallery (booth 1C08) presents a selection of works by Lee Ufan, which installed in the canter of the booth in the major sculpture Relatum – Seem (2009).

Relatum (an overarching title for all of Lee’s sculpture) is a philosophical term that indicates a certain connection between things or events. The title conveys Li’s radical attitude towards his works, not as an object, but as a network of relationships. Relatum-Seem transforms the artistic experience into an act of encounter. This kind of occasion revolves around the audience in a specific time and space. The work on the booth included a canvas and a stone. The stone was installed in a dimly lit environment, echoing the emptiness and silence in Li’s signature painting. The stone acts as a paintbrush, marking places in the dynamic interaction with the surrounding space. Li’s philosophy rejects permanent monuments. Two of Li’s paintings: From Line 80026 (1980) are displayed next to his sculptures, in which the artist has carried out a series of creations. Repeat the action, drawing a line or a point over and over again, until the paint in each stroke is exhausted; and “Dialogue” (2020), is a series of works of the same name in Li’s recent years, by drawing a limited amount on a white background the wide brushstrokes evoke the emptiness generated.







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