Landscape of Mars, 2020 by Angelo Troilo

“I have never found a word to define my style but speaking of information, in-formante that takes shape as it is processed.

I must say that I have always been obsessed with being able to put as much information as possible into the picture, but only one year ago I found an adequate “way”.

The creative process begins with the construction of the canvas. Once the space is visualized, the subconscious is guided with military rigidity towards a goal to be eviscerated. Meanwhile 10 or more pieces are also processed. And it is in this whirlwind that a first sketch that slowly changes over time comes out slowly.”

Angelo Troilo

We are exhilarated by this painting – Landscape of Mars, 2020 by Angelo Troilo.

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The color of the work itself, with its affluent style and more charming and intriguing, provides viewers a substantial space travel experience. Bring colour into a specific set of imagery, like a dreamy outer space that is mysterious smoke filled with the journey. Colors and symbols are interwoven, exotic red and expecting white, from astronauts to stardust, and then to the vast universe, to re-sensitize time and art, The keyword fascinated by the meteor, evolved into green, all revealing the inexhaustible mystery and the artist fully demonstrated of the power of colour, attracting us to explore through his coloring form, as well as connecting with us closely.


Courtesy of the artist – Angelo Troilo; Landscape of Mars, 2020; oil on canvas; 5 11/16 x 5 11/16 in. (14,5 x 14.5 cm.)

Inspired by gagoian










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