Kathryn Garcia: The Feminie Divine

The Feminine Divine is a solo exhibition of drawings, sculptures, and video by the American multi-media artist Kathryn Garcia, which shares a female form of expression, which challenges historical narratives, but instead exerts the countless power of female sex.

The Feminine Divine is an exhibition inspired by the idols of the goddess of the early Neolithic era. It is often seen that the female figure shows her huge and magical vulva. These sacred figures embody and express an empowered, magical female sexual desire, symbolizing fertility. In ancient maternal culture, we found that the earliest abstract form of female genitalia was represented by the “sacred V” (the motif found in Garcia’s works). In the artist’s paintings, the female genitalia are shown similar to the geometric cosmology of mandalas, ocean currents, or sacred locations seen from above, and serve as meditation tools, spiritual objects, and gateways to inner experience.

In an era when we see the devastating destruction of patriarchy, it is important to know that there is a viable and sustainable alternative to the ruling culture. Recognize and respect the equality, ecology and peace culture of our interdependence with the earth, the universe and all life. In the spiritual culture led by the Womxn priestess, non-binary people play an important and magical role. Womxn is seen as a powerful creativity/destructive power, and time is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. A culture at the beginning of the birth of mankind, when “God is a woman, do you remember?”

The definition of Womxn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Womxn






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