Käthe Kollwitz: Prints, Process, Politics

Courtesy by the artist – Käthe Kollwitz:The Mothers, 1921–1922. the Getty Research Institute – all works in the Getty Research Institute’s Dr. Richard A. Simms Collection of Prints and Drawings by Käthe Kollwitz, which is a partial gift of Dr. Richard A. Simms.

By developing an aesthetic view centered on women and the working class, they are invincible in the male-oriented art world. During the period when women were still presenting themselves in the art in negotiations, her representation of women, including her gradual self-portraits, effectively conveyed minor differences. Although her naturalistic style is incompatible in witnessing the emerging era, her implantation of the general human experience, the depth and emotional power formed by her dense lines and contrast between light and dark, also reflect her time.


Exhibition Details:

Name of Exhibition: Käthe Kollwitz: Prints, Process, Politics

Artist: Käthe Kollwitz

Period: From now (February 28, 2020) until March 29, 2020

Venue: Getty Center

Location: 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA




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