Josh Sperling: Spectrum

Spectrum is a solo exhibition by New York- based artist Josh Sperling, which is the basis and extension of a breakthrough in form, Sperling’s work has a shaped canvas, which blurs the boundary between painting and sculpture, including his iconic “squiggles” and “double bubbles”.

In this first exhibition, a large, immersive, wave-shaped work is on display, consisting of his physical “lines” on the entire three walls of a gallery room. The artist uses the spectrum to guide his color choices. . In the second gallery room, all walls display domes of different sizes composed of “double bubbles” and circles, covered with paint applied using abstract expressionism techniques.

Breaking the traditional definition, “squiggles” and “double bubbles” are the sculptural forms of painting. In order to make these mixed forms, the artist developed a meticulous process, and finally stretched on the canvas by hand on a precise stepped plywood support in the shape of a curved or wavy line (squiggles) or two circles that seem to be separated (double bubbles). Once Sperling completes a form, he applies acrylic paint and varnish, carefully navigating between matte and smooth surfaces.






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