Joe Bradley: Sub Ek

Sub Ek is the fourth solo exhibition by the American artist Joe Bradley, his work often hints at this: it hints at abstract expressionism, Philip Guston or minimalist art, all of which carry a very contemporary distance, not completely tangible distortions, always ironic and Swing between melancholy. Recently, however, Bradley has developed a new visual language that is entirely his own.

The exhibition brings together 10 paintings and 46 sketches, wrapped in colorful spots, fantastic creatures, objects and shapes in a rich and gloomy atmosphere. Even if they are full of childlike naive and naive undercurrents as Bradley expected, there is a certain psychedelic feeling that almost threatens how vivid their floating lines and composition are. It was like night falling on them. The lights in Bradley’s new paintings are as cold as the moon. Blue and black shroud the colors, dragging them into the shadow area. However, the intertwined forms continue to twist and break through the haze. A battle rages on the canvas, and a battle is a game at the same time: light and darkness are two sides of the same coin, alternately pushing themselves forward. Sometimes our eyes turn directly to black, and sometimes we are attracted to strange characters lurking in colorful shapes.

Among his new works, what is particularly striking is the animals that Bradley introduces here and there based on his paintings: animal archetypes (especially cows) exist more than ever and are related to human faces and simplicity. Pairing of everyday objects. Since Bradley was a teenager, underground comics have created poppies in a pure cartoon style.






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