Jing Kewen: Cloudless

Cloudless is the first solo exhibition presents a selection of works created across the span of 20 years by the Chinese artist Jing Kewen, it narrates the artist’s journey, focusing on a language that makes him unique among his peers. As an avant-garde member of China, he still chooses to accept the “new era” that began in the 1990s, which is affected by globalization and postmodernism.

The artist did not describe these changes from a critical or ironic point of view but examined and re-evaluated the past from multiple angles. As a realist painter, he strives to make his highly credible paintings look as objective as possible. His recurring theme is China after the Cultural Revolution: This difficult period and idealistic era seems unrealistic in the country’s current era of commodification. By depicting local, familiar but everyday situations, he emphasizes his technique by choosing the tones in the palette used. Acid green, vivid pinks and whites are the colours of spring, replaced by heavier browns, reds and autumn hues in autumn. The artist’s point of view is neither for grandeur nor for special effects, but he emphasizes the unpretentious vision, thanks to the exquisite colour sense.




Published by hahahacheong

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