Jean Dubuffet – Rue Boissy D’Anglas (Au Boudin Mystique)













The baptism of colouring is made by the era of darkness in collaboration with the traditional colour finished the details of some parts of the colour moments particularly the altarpiece coloured,

Mainly done by darkness using tempera on wood beautifully painted the baptism of an abstract expressionism colour as accordance with the emotional expression,

The scene illustrated by the colouring includes extended features with golden light combine into love widely spread it out,

The difference of two individual colours are holding the part of lightness and darkness on the dystopia which was at that time a new medium in transformation colouring into another chapter of darkful serialism.


Artwork Detail:

Artist: Jean Dubuffet

Title: Rue Boissy D’Anglas (Au Boudin Mystique)

Medium: gouache on paper

Size: 19 9/16 x 26 1/4 in. (49.7 x 66.7 cm.)

Markings: signed with the artist initials and dated 62; titled, inscribed and dated 5 juillet 1962 on the reverse

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