Javier Calleja: Fake is the Future

Fake is The Future is the solo show by the Spanish artist Javier Calleja, which includes about a dozen new pieces created especially for this showcase and displayed inside of custom painted exhibition space.

The installation includes canvas, paper, and murals. The work will be a great opportunity to experience all the forms in which Calleja constructed his universe. The artist from Malaga reflects his thoughts, feelings, and thoughts through cartoon-like portraits of children. He has developed a universal and effective visual language whose purity and humility attract the attention of the audience. At the same time, the whole work aims to challenge the viewer’s perception by disguising a single work in this complex composition and inspiring the viewer to interact with the display.

After the title of the exhibition, the installation is a bit like a commentary on modern reality, which is often artificial and fake. The artist uses his kind and magnetic role as a storyteller, inviting visitors to experience the exhibition and discover the truth of his childhood innocence. Calleja will keep his visual language completely simple, fascinating, and recognizable. He will introduce another series of mysterious and ingenious works that show his painting ideas, full of humor and childishness. – Sasha Bogojev


Imagery Credit: Hypebeast @hypebeast






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