Jaromír Novotný: Just a Narrow Range of Possible Things

Just a Narrow Range of Possible Things is the second solo exhibition by the Czech Republic

artist Jaromír Novotný, which is the power of memory and recollection demonstrated through the use of colors and materials focuses on the things we can see. Because we can see, objects and situations may produce hallucinations or misunderstandings. The artist’s work and creative process remind us that human intuition has great potential.

The word “tactile” is derived from the Latin meaning of “Touch, Reality”. It means the physical behavior of feeling and the feeling of touch. The artist’s works carry his handwriting, presenting a visual effect like a layer of leather surrounding a frame. The Datini deposits polyester hard yarn on a wooden frame and uses acrylic paint. He stitched paper and canvas from the back of the painting to condense the three-dimensional look. The tactility of such works is suitable for the audience to “feel” rather than “see”. Therefore, his creative process can accept the experience of the audience and the work to show the essence of the painting. In his works, the artist’s hands and creative process are visible.

The American works of art in the 20th century and his works are full of very interesting connections, and the works of the same period in China are even more so. The “emptiness” promoted in Taoism and Zen philosophy gradually came to the fore in the 20th century.




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