Hiroya Kurata: Rudy

Rudy is a solo exhibition with Brooklyn-based artist Hiroya Kurata, which showcases

a new series of paintings as the artist’s visual diary, he depicts snapshot moments spent in the city with family and children during the pandemic year. With reference to photos and memories, this group of works uses these very personal themes to depict an almost contemporary nostalgia.

The artist distorted perspectives, cartoon characters and whimsical moments presented in a relaxed and light posture create instantly accessible scenes with their eternal qualities, and at the same time are symbols of New York life-Greenwood Cemetery, Prospect Park and airplanes. The ground anchors the cost of rolling in the moment.

The title of the exhibition, Rudy, refers to the song “A Message to you Rudy” by the ska band The Specials. The Rudy in the song is not a person, but refers to the Jamaican slang term “Rude Boy ” (rude boy-rudie-rudy), which is used to define a subculture. The lively bass line, out-of-beat drums and horn rhythms are mixed with a piece of melody information:

A Message To You Rudy

Stop your messing around

Better think of your future

The work in Rudy, like this song, is a symbol of hope, maintaining power through the nuances of life. If you don’t put them on the canvas, they will change in an instant.




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