Hilarie Hon: Yesterday Brightness

Yesterday Brightness is the solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Hilarie Hon, which continuing his usual bright style, presenting a strange surreal world with bright colors and comic imagery. The new works depict the passing moments, such as a scene where a tree falls, a person walking in heavy rain, a picture of fire and fireworks blooming, all showing a strong sense of alienation. The artist merges his own observations with surreal imaginations and invites the audience to look at the plot-like scenery of the movie from outside the frame. He did not set an identity for the character in the canvas. The character is on the edge of the painting, both in the painting and withdrawing like a third person. Light is also the core element of the series.

This exhibition concretizes window frames as a metaphor for viewing in paintings and shows the function of spatial perspective. Window frame elements are integrated into the picture, and even become part of the real space structure. The artist has been exploring the presentation of the space outside and inside the painting in the painting, and the relationship between the installation and the actual exhibition space. The “painting as a window” creates a deep setting of the screen for the plane space, thus showing the three-dimensional sense of the perspective space. There are two wooden doors that can be opened and closed in “Interior”, which function like real windows. When opened, it is a three-screen flat painting, and the viewer can see the scenery in the painting. When the wooden door is closed, the work is hidden, and at the same time, it becomes a three-dimensional installation in the gallery. He explores the state of his art creation being viewed and exhibited in the gallery, and its connection with the world in the painting by thinking about the relationship between works, space, and viewers.






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