Han Youngwook: Face

Face is an exhibition of scratches and oil on aluminum artworks by the Korean artist Han Youngwook, which is a series of imaginative faces in their most vivid form.

The artist is known for his poignant and detailed descriptions of characters full of flaws and emotions, and his choice of themes reflects his personal values and beliefs. For the his nationality, young children represent the soul of innocence and freedom, while young women captured in the best time of their lives are short-lived, while older women imply acceptance of reality and embrace of life. The artist’s approach is very intuitive, because he often seeks inspiration in real life or on the Internet. Once he decides and collects an image of a person, he tends to explore the characteristics of the person and combine his perception and creativity to convey the person’s emotions in the painting.

The exhibition was originally entitled “Übermensch” and is a personal ode to Nietzsche’s life and philosophy. Although the artist felt that he could not give full play to Nietzsche’s influence, he eventually changed the name of the exhibition to FACE, but his works still embedded Nietzsche’s “Übermensch” concept.






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