Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs is a series of banal photographs of embassy backdoors. The systematic repetition of the images simultaneously evokes the cinematic picture and the ubiquity of surveillance cameras, it sees nothing and nothing. As a literal and cumulative representation of the back door of the embassy, each image of the back door can be understood as the basic structure, so that the form of the back door and its components of the embassy without description becomes obvious: greening is disguised, which is monitored by strategic positioning Single face camera with additional lock or additional gate. These mediocre appearances are the starting point of the special space of the embassy, which itself is the physical manifestation of the agreement between the two sovereign states of the two countries. Foreign affairs are being voiced in the field of infrastructure construction in today’s society. They implicitly pointed out the society’s real fear of the “back door” agreement, and the actors invisibly and shadyly brought the shackles behind the veil of every day.




Published by hahahacheong

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