Fernando Botero: Living with Botero

Living with Botero is a solo show by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, which showcases a way of life, a unique combination of passion, tranquility, and community.

Botero’s vivid and diverse paintings, drawings, and sculptures recreate the artist’s apartment in the gallery, including several paintings hanging in Botero’s house, filled with the dazzling joy and bright warmth of South America, his iconic boterismo style is a full, joyous holiday, but also bitter and disrespectful.

When viewers enter the environment familiar to the artist in their work, this is an open invitation to everyone, a kind of immersion and interaction. The woman in the bathroom is an all-out artist, with an exciting and energetic palette, with a cordial and gentle depiction of size and volume. This is a kind of mischief and the most active and passionate life. The decibels of this painting is higher than daily life we might know. For an artist, the quality of the art you create depends on the people you admire.





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